Understanding Semi-Trucks

Semi-trucks are different than cars and trucks, though they all share the same roads and highways. Semi-truck drivers have a unique and difficult job, which becomes more difficult when other drivers don't understand quite how to drive among them. Learning how to be comfortable driving while in the presence of semi-trucks is the safest way to share the road.

Give Trucks a Wide Berth

Semi-trucks take up a lot of space. They also take more time than smaller vehicles when executing their maneuvers. A good rule of thumb is to give semi-trucks an appropriate amount of space and pay attention to any signals that they are giving off, like directional signals. This also means staying out of their blind spots and slowing down when they are turning.

Follow the Road Rules

All drivers are safer when the rules of the road are obeyed. This begins with maintaining an appropriate speed, which should always be within five or so miles of the posted speed limit. When approaching yellow lights and yield signs, approach cautiously, because that's where semi-trucks may be making wide turns or entering a highway. Always utilize your directionals and let semi-truck drivers know when you are merging into their lane. Experienced truck accident lawyers recommend that drivers of small vehicles use caution when approaching a semi-truck on highways and especially at intersections.

Pass Quickly

Passing a semi-truck fills some drivers with apprehension. There is always the worry that a semi-truck may veer into your lane and cut you off. Committing to passing requires a few seconds of careful planning along with caution and a plan to get out of the way if needed. It’s a good idea to check other lanes for free access just in case you need the extra space.

Sharing the Road Equals Respect

Commercial truck drivers enjoy the same rights and privileges as other drivers and showing mutual respect toward one another is the best way to share the road together. When you do your part and obey the rules of the road and give the truck its due respect, everyone is much safer. After all, it’s better to arrive at your destination safely than to get into a serious accident with a semi-truck.